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Australia and New Zealand whilst traditionally known as a wool processing market, are in fact very diverse with significant processing of a broad range of fibres, using a wide range of processes.

Major sectors include scouring, yarn production, carpet manufacture, knitting and weaving, specialty finish coating and garment production.

Chemcolour supplies products that are manufactured in its own operations as well as from a number of the world’s leading chemical suppliers.

Product ranges manufactured by Chemcolour:

  • Detergents
  • Fabric Wax
  • Foaming Agents
  • Pigment Dispersions
  • Yarn Lubricants
  • Wax Emulsions

      Product ranges distributed by Chemcolour:

      • Biocides
      • Coating Chemicals
      • Dyestuffs
      • Dyeing Auxiliaries
      • Enzymes
      • Finishing Chemicals
      • Pigment Dispersions
      • Scouring Agents
      • Textile Machinery
      • Yarn Lubricants